Vistal Multi-Family Site

The Vistal Multi-Family Site is located near the southeast corner of 7th Street and Dobbins Road in Phoenix, Arizona and is adjacent to and south of the Vistal Residential Community. The ±24 acre property was acquired by Grayhawk Development in 2015. The site abuts the South Mountain Preserve along the south property line. The Vistal Multi-Family Site is currently vacant and undeveloped and was rezoned from R-H (Resort) to R-3 (Multi-Family) in September 2017. The R-3 approval and General Plan designation allows 5 – 10 dwelling units to the acre and not to exceed 233 dwelling units.

The vision for the project is to develop a medium density residential neighborhood that is centered around open space amenities and maintains the wash corridors while preserving the natural features throughout the site, and the surrounding views to the north and south. Amenities such as pools, BBQ areas, and passive play are probable and will be determined in the future by the builder.

The Vistal Multi-Family Site will likely be incorporated into the gated Vistal Residential Community (now called Avance), while providing access to all the greater neighborhood amenities such as the seven pocket parks, trail system, and community center. This will allow for logical and efficient design, while preserving and enhancing the natural washes, mountain terrain, and views. The internal collector loop road will connect and distribute traffic to the site between 7th Street and Dobbins Road.

***NOTE: Conceptual Site Plan. – This site plan is conceptual only and is subject to change with final design.

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