About Grayhawk Development

Since 1993, the mission of Grayhawk Development has been to create one-of-a-kind projects that enhance the quality of life for our customers as well as produce financial success for our company and our partners. As a company, we seek to develop valued relationships within our own family, with our partners and ultimately with our customers. It is these relationships that are the foundation of any success we have enjoyed.

In all areas, Grayhawk works to identify ways in which we can differentiate our projects from the marketplace. We develop each project to address very specific niches in terms of marketing, branding, service and operations. To do this, we look at each opportunity through the eyes of the resident, golfer or end user and add the services, amenities and features that we would want for ourselves and our families. Primarily this approach leads us to elements that create added value and overall quality as well as beauty, enjoyment, ease-of-use and an exceptional experience.

Similarly, from a business perspective, Grayhawk approaches each project as if we were the sole owners and operators of the venture. We seek out developments that offer substantial opportunities for successful investment. We then work diligently to factor out the risks until the project becomes a high-reward, low-risk proposition.

This formula has helped Grayhawk accelerate the return of capital for each of its projects well ahead of the industry standard. And, in each case, we have surpassed our performance projections while delivering our ventures on time and on budget.

To carry out our mission, Grayhawk has assembled one of the most talented and experienced development teams in the industry. Further, we have partnering relationships with many of the top construction, design, engineering, marketing and legal firms in the Southwest. This combination allows Grayhawk the flexibility to handle every aspect of a development project, from land acquisition, entitlement process and construction to operations. Perhaps, our abilities are best demonstrated by the success of our projects, Grayhawk, WR Estates, Glenwild, Saguaro Bloom and Avance.

Grayhawk’s latest project is Cavasson, a mixed-use project being developed in partnership with Nationwide Realty Investors, located at the northwest corner of Loop 101 and Hayden Road in Scottsdale, Arizona.